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Prometeia: Is this the best CPU cooling system around

Unclear: Compressor Cooling From $595?

In the US, Prometeia is distributed by Hardware Gods . However, even Hardware Gods makes a reference to the Chip-Con site for more information. We checked the prices listed on the Chip-Con website and they are somewhat confusing.

For the more advanced user, there are references to tests made by other publications, along with all sorts of technical information about building a cooling system - but you have to figure out the total price on your own. At first glance, the price for the white model of the Prometeia appears to be 475 euros, which seems acceptable.

However, there are additional costs involved. The manufacturer gets you for another 50 euros for the CPU unit that you need for operation. The model in black casing costs 545 euros, which means that you have to shell out a total of 595 euros. Users who want to be on the safe side and install a CPU heating unit to prevent condensation build-up can count on shouldering further costs. In the U.S., distributors are selling just the bottom compressor unit and case plus the CPU cooling unit starting from $595, and the full cooling kit starting from $629.

And then there's the issue of the power supply - our test of 21 high-end PSUs showed that not all PSUs are suitable for high power loads, not by a long shot. A high quality power supply costs at least $100 (400 Watts and up), and it's absolutely necessary. But, if you are a serious overclocker, you'll probably be able to make the bang for buck calculations yourself, and get around the complicated process of setting up a rig. It just should be easier than it is.

The 3DMark 2001 as an example of the performance capability of an overclocked AMD Athlon XP.