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Prometeia: Is this the best CPU cooling system around

Preventing Condensation Build-Up: Heating Underneath The CPU

Optional: the heating unit to be mounted underneath the CPU socket. It offers about 5 Watts of power at 12 Volts; the temperature is around 40°C. However, the heating unit does not come standard in Europe - only for countries that have high air humidity.

Fits perfectly in the thermal insulation bracket underneath the CPU: the optional heating unit.

The heating element is placed between the plastic cap and the insulation mat.

Here, the clamp for the cooling element is placed on the AMD socket.

The clamp for the cooling element, made of stainless steel, inset (electrically welded) with brass windings for the screws.

The clamp installed on an AMD XP. An Intel CPU (Socket 478) can be installed using exactly this method, with the help of an additional plastic bracket. This is then screwed onto the motherboard. As opposed to competing products, with this kit, the CPU can be changed at any time without having to remove the motherboard.

Putting the insulating rubber on the thermal protection unit of the CPU socket (on the underside of the motherboard).

The rubber is cut with scissors on one of the corners. To ensure that it seals perfectly, two ends of the rubber should overlap.