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Ready For the Masses - Video Editing With Matrox RT2000

Exporting Your Production

The easiest way to save your movie is copying the native DV format back on DV tape. This can be achieved without any export filters. Another option is to convert the whole film into MPEG-2 and give it a finishing touch with Sonic DVDit LE. This is an authoring tool to publish digital video on DVD. Although MPEG-2 is very common, you have to consider space limitations. You probably know that a full DVD movie needs about 4.7 GB, which can't be "pressed" on a CD-R. DVD burners, however, are very expensive. Furthermore, there is currently no adequately-priced solution available that burns DVDs in a format that can be played on standard DVD players.

If you want to produce a nice present for you friends or loved ones you should resort to MPEG-4 . Matrox does not provide this codec, but it can be downloaded for free and integrated into Matrox software. With MPEG-4 a 90-minute movie easily fits on any CD-R.

The export function from Adobe Premiere allows creating any video format. You only need to have the right codec installed.

The whole project can be saved in space saving MPEG-4 format.