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Ready For the Masses - Video Editing With Matrox RT2000

RT2000 Test System: Athlon 1 GHz On A KT133 Platform, Continued

A radial heatsink is cooling the Athlon 1000. This solution is better than using the AMD serial cooler.

Our KT133 test platform is equipped with an AMD Athlon 1000, two big hard disks (one system disk, one data disk) and 256 MB of RAM. The RT2000 will only work with the Matrox Flex 3D graphics card, which is bundled with the RT2000 Pack. Unfortunately, you have to remove any existing graphics card. This also includes cards of the G400 series. Note that the Flex 3D card looks similar to the Millennium G400, but a standard G400 retail adapter cannot be used with the RT2000!

The RT2000 provides two Firewire connectors at the front.

As a professional video editor you also need a second monitor or TV set to control your work. It can be connected to the second VGA-Out on the RT2000 card.