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Roundup: The Best SSDs For Enthusiasts

Patriot Inferno (120 GB, SandForce)

Patriot’s Inferno uses the popular SandForce SF-1200 controller family, but the product was actually designed for the enthusiast mainstream. Patriot says that the drive balances power consumption and performance, and it also comes with a 2.5” to 3.5” installation bracket.

The red aluminum chassis provides a unique appearance, as all other SSDs typically come in black, grey, or silver. However, the innards are very typical: SandForce SF-1220 controller and Intel 64 Gb NAND memory chips. We found that the Inferno has lower minimum read and write rates than other SandForce SSDs. Its I/O performance is excellence, though, and only beaten occasionally by other SandForce SSDs or the Crucial RealSSD C300.

Inferno is also strong at 4 KB random writes, but it’s no match for some of the other SandForce drives or the RealSSD C300. PCMark Vantage application performance is strong, as well, and only a few drives, such as the Samsung 470-series, are noticeably faster.

Power consumption isn’t quite on par with other SandForce SSDs, but since power consumption never exceeded 1.33 W in our testing, we can confirm that Patriot’s mission to balance power and performance was successful.

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