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Seasonic G-Series 450W PSU Review

Seasonic's G series consists of reliable, high-performance PSUs. Today, we're reviewing the G-450 with 450W capacity, which features a semi-modular cabling design.

Pros, Cons And Final Verdict

Without a doubt, Seasonic makes good PSUs. Even its budget lines, where the G series belongs, consist of high-performance units. The G-450 looks like the ideal PSU for small and medium-size systems equipped with a single GPU. It offers good build quality, and it uses Japanese electrolytic capacitors along with quality polymer caps from Enesol. The G-450 also utilizes a double ball-bearing fan that should last for a long time. On top of that, Seasonic backs up the G-450 with a hefty five-year warranty.

However, the G-450 isn't without its faults. The unit has two major drawbacks besides its high price. One is the increased noise output, especially under stressful conditions, because of the fan's high speed and small diameter. The second is lower efficiency, at least compared to the competition's offerings in this category. Seasonic's engineers should make the necessary modifications in this capable platform in order to offer higher efficiency at normal and higher loads, which would also allow for a more relaxed fan profile. 

Lately, the low and mid-capacity PSU categories are seemingly the most popular. This means that the G-450's competition is much higher now than it was about a year ago when this specific model was released with the upgraded platform. Seasonic should take into consideration what users look for in PSUs that belong in this category; other than reliable operation and good overall performance, the company should also pursue quieter operation.

A semi-passive mode isn't required in such low-capacity PSUs, which are usually equipped with fans that can rotate at low speeds. These power supplies don't need high start-up voltages either. On the contrary, a relaxed fan profile and suitable, low-speed fans along with properly-sized heat sinks are essential in creating a PSU that offers quiet operation, even under tough conditions. On top of that, high efficiency is, of course, the number-one priority, since the higher a PSU's efficiency is, the less thermal load its cooling subsystem has to handle. Without a doubt, Seasonic has the necessary know-how to deal with the issues that we found in the G-450.

If you don't mind the increased noise under stress or if you believe that your system's components will cover the PSU's noise under high-load conditions, then the G-450 is definitely a reasonable choice. We should stress, however, that Seasonic asks a lot for this PSU, and for just a bit more money, you can choose from among several top-notch 550W units that offer lower noise output under all conditions.

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Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware, covering Power Supplies.

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Aris Mpitziopoulos
Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.