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Shuttle Enters Monitor World with XP17 LCD

Office Applications

The monitor is very sharp despite the extra thickness of glass between the panel and the user. We also liked the possibility of using the monitor in portrait mode - though to do it you have to turn the entire unit on its side, whereas other monitors use a pivot.

Since the color rendering is excellent, we can recommend this monitor for photo editing, even though professionals will still prefer their CRTs.

Conclusion: Yes Or No

The XP17 is a good monitor. Our measurements and practical tests confirm it. The color rendering is excellent and so is the contrast, not to mention the exemplary build quality and design. The panel is a bit slower than we might have hoped, but it's still very acceptable.

Would we recommend this monitor? If your monitor never leaves your desk, I think you should be able to find better model at a somewhat lower price. But if you really want a high-performance, all-terrain monitor and you have $649 to invest in it, the XP 17 is for you. Shuttle has chosen its target well and the product suits it. We should point out that a DVI cable is included in the price.