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Phenom 9700, AMD's 1st Quad-Core CPU

Direct AMD Comparison - Phenom And Athlon X2

In the following table we compare the most important technical characteristics of the Phenom and the Athlon X2.

The bottom of the Phenom CPU.

Phenom vs. Athlon X2
PhenomAthlon X2
Code NameAgenaWindsorBrisbaneOrleansLimaManila
Clock Speedmax. 2.30 GHzmax. 3.20 GHz
HypertransportHTT 1.0HTT 2.0HTT 3.0HTT 1.0HTT 2.0
L1 Cache4x 64+64 kB2x 64+64 kB
L2 Cache4x 512 kB2x 1 MB2x 512 kB
L3 Cache2 MBnone
Fabrication Process65 nm90 nm65 nm
Transistors600 M227 M154 M
DIE Area285 mm²183 mm²230 mm²
TDP125 W125 W89 W65 W62 W45 W35 W
Cool'n'QuietVersion 2.0Version 1.0
Instruction SetsMMX3DNow!NXX86-64PacificaPresidioSSESSE2SSE3SSE4AMMX3DNow!NXX86-64PacificaPresidioSSESSE2SSE3

The Phenom processor carries the code name Agena and uses the B2 stepping.

CPU-Z correctly recognizes the 2 MB L3 cache