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The Next Step, Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Results - Test 1b

Upgrade attempt... We replaced the LITE-ON drive in the Impulse with a Plextor 2410A.

Since we already had the LITE-ON drive out of the Impulse enclosure, we decided to install a Plextor 2410A CDRW into the enclosure to see what would happen. Of course, breaking the warranty seal on the Impulse and installing another drive will void the warranty of your Impulse and IOGear will provide no additional support if you choose to do this.

Test 1b, Stage 1 - Results of the Digital Audio Extraction test with a Plextor 2410A mounted in the Impulse cage and attached to a USB 1.1 port.

As you can see, it worked. The USB 1.1 performance is exactly the same as it was for the LITE-ON drive. Let's take a look at its USB 2.0 performance.