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Supermicro Gaming S5 ATX Case Review

Supermicro isn't typically associated with gaming products. However, the company's Gaming S5 ATX is riding a reputation for solid construction in the server business, hoping to attract enthusiast customers as well.

Test Results

Even though the newer test hardware produces closer results, we can clearly see that the mid-sized Gaming S5 runs cooler than the much larger Corsair 760T.

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Perhaps that extra coolness is due to the side vent, which allows heat to escape from an internally-vented graphics card? Unfortunately, those same holes in the side panel allow noise to escape as well.

As a result of the extra noise (which admittedly isn't much, given the quiet cooling used), the Gaming S5 falls 2.5% below the average of all three cases in acoustic efficiency. That is to say, it has a marginally worse cooling-to-noise ratio.

On the other hand, the Gaming S5 also has a $94 MSRP. We normally use prices only from popular etailers to determine street pricing, but are sticking to MSRP for the Gaming S5’s calculation because it’s not readily available. We found various small sellers offering this Supermicro model-number CSE-GS50-000R for $89 to $136.