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Your Top Picks: Tom's Hardware Forums' Q1 2013 BestConfigs

High-End Intel-Based Gaming PC

Our final and most popular BestConfig is the High-End Intel-Based Gaming PC.

Unlike the hotly-contested AMD setup, the results of the Intel build’s poll were a landslide for Django’s Green 3D VISON SURROUND Build at 55 votes.

Congratulations to forum member Django for having his recommended build picked by the Tom's Hardware community this quarter! 

Django chose the quad-core Core i7-3770K to power his BestConfig. The cheap, yet capable Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo makes a third appearance this quarter to cool the Ivy Bridge-based enthusiast chip. 

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ASRock's Z77 Extreme6 motherboard is loaded with USB 3.0, 6 Gb/s SATA, four-way CrossFireX/SLI, and even Thunderbolt.

Though they only populate half of this motherboard's slots, two 8 GB DDR3-1600 modules from G.Skill are more than enough for gaming.

Even though Django only went with a single graphics card for this build, he chose the dual-GPU GeForce GTX 690. Combined with the Core i7-3770K, this rig should be able to handle just about anything. 

The 128 GB flavor of the wickedly-fast Samsung 840 Pro SSD acts as the boot and application drive, with a 2 TB Seagate Barracuda providing plenty of room for user data. Powering this beast is Antec’s EarthWatts Series Green 750 W PSU, which boasts an 80 PLUS Bronze certification. 

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Samsung 840 Pro

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Seagate Barracuda

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Antec EarthWatts Series Green

What kind of chassis befits such an epic build? None other than the classic NZXT Phantom 410, in black, of course. Sony is once again the DVD burner of choice.

When Django designed this build, its total came to $1998.90. The current prices of Django’s Green 3D VISON SURROUND Build can be found in the BestConfigs shopping tables.

And that brings the Q1 2013 BestConfigs to a close. Congratulations to the winners, and special thanks to all who submitted builds!