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Welcome to the New Tom's Hardware

Coming April 16th: A ~$500 Gaming PC

You asked for it and we’re delivering. We publish the first part today and we’ll publish the second part on Thursday. Our low cost System Builder Marathon gaming PC costs around $1,000. Many of you feel that’s too high. So, we’re accepting your challenge and on Wednesday, we’ll see how much gaming performance we can squeeze out of a PC in the $500 range.

We know some of you will still be unimpressed and will let us know about your disappointment in the Forums, but we think most of you will be taken by the components we’ve chosen for this mini-System Builder Marathon and the performance the components deliver when pulled together in a low cost PC.

So, go ahead and experience the new Tom’s Hardware for yourself and to verify that, while the look and feel of this race car is different, the only changes we made under the hood were designed to give you more of what you know and love.

Sneak preview : We’ll be using Antec’s NSK4480B case and power supply as the foundation of our $500 PC.

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