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VGA Charts VII: AGP Update Summer 2005

The Contestants

Our Summer 2005 AGP edition of the VGA charts covers 24 different AGP graphics cards. We've assembled a field of the most important and interesting AGP cards for this test. However, some cards were not available to us for testing, such as NVIDIA's GeForce 6800 SE or ATI's new Radeon X700 with the "Rialto" AGP bridge chip.

If you're looking for a particular model from the previous card generation or even the one before that, please take a look at our VGA Charts IV 2004 . You should be able to find any card that was current at that time there, giving you an easy basis for comparing the performance of those cards to that of the ones tested here (for example Radeon 9200 SE to Radeon 9600 Pro).

ChipMemoryDX GenerationChipclockMemoryclockBuswidthP-Pipes
GeForce 6800 UltraNV40256 MBDX 9.0 SM3.04001100256 bit16
GeForce 6800 GTNV40256 MBDX 9.0 SM3.03501000256 bit16
GeForce 6800NV40128 MBDX 9.0 SM3.0325700256 bit12
GeForce 6600 GTNV43128 MBDX 9.0 SM3.0500900128 bit8
GeForce 6600NV44128 MBDX 9.0 SM3.0300700128 bit8
GeForce FX 5950 UNV38256 MBDX 9475950256 bit8
GeForce FX 5900 UNV35256 MBDX 9450850256 bit8
GeForce FX 5900NV35128 MBDX 9400850256 bit8
GeForce FX 5900 XTNV35128 MBDX 9400700256 bit8
GeForce FX 5800 UNV30128 MBDX 95001000128 bit8
GeForce FX 5800NV30128 MBDX 9400800128 bit8
GeForce FX 5700 UNV36128 MBDX 9475900128 bit4
GeForce FX 5700NV36128 MBDX 9425550128 bit4
ATI Cards
Radeon X850 XT PER480256 MBDX 95401180256 bit16
Radeon X850 XTR480256 MBDX 95201080256 bit16
Radeon X800 XTR420256 MBDX 95001000256 bit16
Radeon X800 ProR420256 MBDX 9475900256 bit12
Radeon X800 XLR430256 MBDX 94001000256 bit16
Radeon 9800 XTR360256 MBDX 9412730256 bit8
Radeon 9800 ProR350128 MBDX 9380680256 bit8
Radeon 9800R350128 MBDX 9325580256 bit8
Radeon 9700 ProR300128 MBDX 9325620256 bit8
Radeon 9600 XTRV360128 MBDX 9500600128 bit4
Radeon 9600 ProRV350128 MBDX 9400600128 bit4