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Win, Lose or Ti: 21 GeForce Titanium Boards

Quake 3

Quake 3 was benchmarked in the comparatively old version v1.17, as the time demo test routines in the current version v1.30 prevent exact measurements. Even after the fourth run, the results showed a spread of up to 10 fps!

In 1024x768, Ti500 and R8500 lead the group, with the GeForce3 close at their heels. Following at a respectful distance, we find the Ti200. The GF2 Ti and the R7500 are left to duke it out at the rear of the field. The same overall picture is repeated in 1600x1200. The only variation here is that the smaller RADEON is able to edge out the GF2 Ti.

The direct comparison yields no surprises.