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How Well Do Workstation Graphics Cards Play Games?

DirectX 11 Results: Battlefield 3

DirectX 11: Battlefield 3

A recent driver release that greatly enhances the performance of AMD's GCN-based Radeon cards works well in Battlefield 3. This doesn't particularly translate into great performance for the FirePro W8000, based on the Tahiti GPU, though.

Once again, the FirePro W7000 shows us that a workstation graphics card can be competitive, falling right between AMD's Radeon HD 7870 and 7850. This makes sense based on each card's respective clock rates.

The expensive Nvidia Quadro 6000 does well enough, and even the smaller FirePro W5000 and older FirePro V7900 beat the new AMD cards by a good margin. Unfortunately, the FirePro W8000 again crashes and burns at our highest settings. It's almost humorous that the mainstream Quadro 2000 posts better results.