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Can i download one of my dvd movies onto my external hard drive and then plug that external hard drive into my laptop to watch

I am trying to download some movies onto our external hard drive so that I can plug it into my laptop and watch movies on the plane. Can anyone help me with this and will it work?
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    The proper term is actually "copy", not "download". And, assuming that these are backup copies made in the proper manner adhering to the law, i.e. for archival purposes (otherwise this would run afoul of copyright laws, and I assume Tom's takes talk of violating such seriously), then all you need to do is plug in your drive, copy the file to it, and then plug it in to your laptop.
  2. Assuming these are legally obtained movies, it should be just a matter of using the same program on the laptop as you do on your desktop. If you installed a specific codec pack on your desktop, you would need to install it on your laptop as well.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Simply copy them to your external hard drive. As long as your laptop video player recognizes the formats of these copied movies, you can freely watch them there.
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