geforce 7300 go gs vs. ATI Mobility 1400....pls help choose

I am trying to decide which card to get for my laptop

These are the 2 I can choose from Dell
256 M geforce 7300 go gs
256 M ATI Mobility 1400

The NVIDIA 7300 card is +45 $USD more

I checked the toms comparison guide but could not find a reference for the nvidia card

Coule someone pls offer some advice or provide a link to a page with benchmark comparisons between the 2 cards

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  1. you couldnt find a comparison because they are for laptop computers..

    and as for which one you should choose, i would say just go with the cheaper of the two, since they are both basically the same.. and unless you are into gaming, then it wont really matter at all.
  2. The 7300 GO is there in the list, 4th tier from the bottom on the left side:

    The X1400 is notably better, from what I understand the X1400 has a 128-bit interface and the 7300 GO has a 64-bit interface...
  3. Model Memory max (MiB) Core clock max (MHz) Memory clock max (MHz) Config core1 Fillrate max (MT/s)
    Bandwidth max (GB/s) Bus type Bus width (bit) DirectX® OpenGL
    GeForce Go 7300 128, 256, up to 512 with TurboCache 350 700 3:4:4:2 1400
    5.60 GDDR3 64 9.0c 2.0 Transparency Anti-Aliasing

    Model Number Memory max (MiB) Core clock max (MHz) Memory clock max (MHz) Config core1 Fillrate max (MT/s) Memory Band- width max (GB/s) Bus type Bus width (bit) DirectX® OpenGL

    Mobility Radeon X1400 Shared-256? 432 345 2:4:4:4 1728 11.00 DDR 128 9.0c 2.0

    What that all means, not quite sure. The GeForce has faster memory, but a slower memory interface. The Radeon has a higher clock, and a higher fillrate and memory bandwith.
  4. It means the Radeon will perform better in games.

    Neither will be a great gaming card though. 1024x768 is probably the best you can expect from the radeon, mostly because of it's faster core speed.

    The 7300 could probably do the same resolution with lowered detail.
  5. Yeah, but notebook forums screws up too. So be sure to double check their info.

    Some of those cards aren't correctly placed in Meaker's list IMO, and there's alot of ?? he needs to fill, which are easily obtainable, although alot of them should have ranges not set numbers since there are different specs from laptop to laptop. Mine for example ships with memory below the sotck number on most rigs, but overclocks way WAY above that. So they need to check the reference and norm from integrator to integrator.
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