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Melissa LeBlanc-Williams

Melissa LeBlanc-Williams

Freelance Reviewer

Melissa is a Freelance Reviewer for Tom’s Hardware US. She first got started with 3D printing in 2014 by building a Prusa Mendel i2 from scratch from plans she found on the internet. After rebuilding the printer with many upgrades, she got an Ender 3 as a second printer, which of course she immediately upgraded. Over the years she started collecting more 3D printers and upgrading them to improve their print quality and reliability. She eventually rebuilt her first printer and turned it into a Prusa Bear. She got her first resin printer in 2020, which was the Elegoo Mars. 

She has a Youtube channel where she shows some of her 3D printer and electronics-related projects. These projects include 3D printer upgrades, retro computer builds, and many other projects such as a Raspberry Pi-powered Message Board. She also has written a number of guides for Adafruit. When she’s not working on technical projects, she spends time with her family including her cats.

Articles by: Melissa LeBlanc-Williams