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About Our Mission & How We Test

The Tom’s Hardware editors proudly consider themselves members of the enthusiast community. The team includes experts in CPUs, graphics processing, motherboards, cases, display technology, system memory, consumer and enterprise storage, power supplies, peripherals, smartphones, tablets, games, gaming consoles and more.

Our Mission

Tom's Hardware is the exhaustive, trusted resource for early adopters and experts who are passionate about technology. We create comprehensive product reviews, expert technical analysis and how-to guides, and the latest news, peppered with unique insight.

Tom’s Hardware plays host to the world’s largest community of experts and enthusiasts, who provide their own technology insights and answer questions through the Tom’s Hardware forums.

How We Test

Tom’s Hardware is renowned for its benchmark testing. We subject every product we review to a rigorous set of quantifiable tests based on a combination of homegrown, Tom’s Hardware-only benchmarks, and industry standard benchmarks where applicable. We analyze those results, put them in context, and compare them across products within a category. We take special care to isolate potential variables, and to make our testing repeatable. We also design tests that reflect real world conditions.

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Our History

Tom’s Hardware has its name and roots in Dr. Thomas Pabst, who was one of the first people to bring technology journalism to the internet, as early as 1996. 

Back in these early days, the site was still called “Tom’s Hardware and Performance Guide” and its domain was sysdoc.pair.com — pair.com being a Pittsburgh-based hosting company. Today’s domain, tomshardware.com, was added on September 11, 1997, followed by additional language versions over time, including German, Japanese, Polish, French, Chinese, Italian, Turkish and others — some operated by Tom’s Guides Publishing, Inc., and others based on franchise agreements.

The German operation test lab resources were the basis for a majority of the website’s content early on, including our real-time stress testing of power supplies, and some of the first overclocking records, like the 5 GHz project using liquid nitrogen.

In 2007, the French BestofMedia Group took over Tom’s Hardware in an effort to grow its publishing business internationally. Although Tom Pabst was no longer part of Tom’s Hardware operations, most of the staff and spirit remained. In 2013, BestofMedia Group, including Tom’s Hardware, became part of the U.S.-based Techmedia Network, now known as Purch. (There was another old family member called "Gear Digest" that became Tom’s Guide in 2007. It is now a leading resource for mainstream consumer technology buyers, rather than technology enthusiasts, and is created by an entirely different editorial team, led by Mark Spoonauer.)

One of Tom’s Hardware’s journalistic milestones was Tom’s findings regarding the Intel Pentium III 1.13 GHz processor, which forced the chip company to postpone its launch by months. Since then, Tom’s Hardware has kept up the tradition with unrivaled scrutiny of technology.

Today, when people ask us, "Who is Tom?," we are happy to tell them how everything evolved from the spirit and hard work of the visionary Dr. Thomas Pabst, who referred to himself as Tom. At the same time, the impressive growth of Tom’s Hardware and its communities provides an additional reply: "We’re all Tom."

The History Of Tom's Community

Founded in 1998, shortly after the advent of Tom’s Hardware Guide, the 18-year-old Tom’s Community consists of millions of members across seven continents actively participating in discussions about the latest computer hardware and technology. Its experts exchange ideas, system builds, troubleshooting advice, and more.

Tom's Hardware is the world leader in technology discussion because we offer a welcoming atmosphere to all levels of expertise, from the novice starting out with their very first computer to the most hardcore veteran of overclocking. Our skilled moderators and engaged users guide the community through the wisdom of consensus, creating a forum of discussion that is civil, vibrant, and accessible.

Our forum has grown over time from a primal Perl-driven system of bulletin boards to encompass a multitude of content types and customized forum features. In 2001 our forum software ran on the popular WWWThreads platform, and in 2008, we migrated to the MesDiscussions.net platform. We added gamification features in 2009, with member rankings and titles. In 2013 the forums moved to a homegrown forum platform, with badges, filters and ranked leaderboards.

By October 2011, the forums were receiving an average of about 540 new threads posted per day, and in mid-2015 we were up to 1500 new threads per day. In February of 2016 we hit the 2-million-member mark. In 2010 we had seven moderators (arthurh, Mousemonkey, Grumpy9117, Maziar, randomizer, TheGreatGrapeApe, and 4ryan6). Now we have, at any given time, around 100 or more.

Today we’re the host for thousands of system builds, technical support threads, best answers, discussion mega-threads, and advanced tutorials. Our contributing members are recognized with badges and titles to demonstrate their wealth of expertise. We run community initiatives over the course of a year, promoting activity and engagement through contests, giveaways, user reviews, and forum collaborations with all the top brands our members are passionate about.

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Our Staff

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  • Arne Weigold, Senior Contributing Translator (German)
  • Lucian Armasu, Contributing Writer (News)
  • Kevin Carbotte, Contributing Writer (Graphics, News & VR)
  • Adam Darling, Contributing Page Setter (Layout)
  • Derek Forrest, Contributing Writer (Desktops & News)
  • Christopher Miconi, Contributing Writer (Cases)
  • Alex Quejado, Contributing Writer (Laptops)
  • Daniel Sauvageau, Contributing Writer (Features)
  • Michael Justin Allen Sexton, Contributing Writer (News & Layout)
  • Jacob Terkelsen, Contributing Writer (Motherboards)
  • Joseph Trott, Contributing Writer (Motherboards)
  • Eric Vander Linden, Contributing Writer (Motherboards)

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