TYAN Unveils 3rd Gen AMD EPYC-Enabled Servers at 2021 Online Exhibition

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Data centers are among the most demanding settings for high-performance computing (HPC) and cloud server platforms. Meeting these demands reliably and without compromise is why TYAN’s AMD EPYC processor-based computers are the preferred choice of large data center, HPC, and server storage customers in the US, Asia, and EMEA. 

TYAN’s highly customizable off-the-shelf products are designed to save customers time and money in general operations and product development. The company’s selection covers the full range of IT customer needs, from motherboards and barebones servers to full racks. Collectively, TYAN’s offerings support flexible solutions for enterprise, data center operators, and operators to let them better tailor their systems to their workloads.  

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The very latest TYAN AMD EPYC 7003 Series processor-enabled servers (aka 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors) can now be viewed at TYAN’s 2021 virtual exhibition. (AMD EPYC 7003 Series processors are based on the Zen 3 CPU architecture. They provide up to 32MB of L3 cache per core, synchronized fabric and memory clock speeds for increased performance. ) This virtual exhibition allows visitors to examine these new products in detail using 360-degree rotating images. 

In the meantime, here are three of TYAN’s new AMD EPYC 7003 server platforms:

Transport HX FT65T-B8030: Tower/4U Convertible Server Platform for Cost-Effective HPC Applications 

An image of a TYAN Transport HX FT65T-B8030 server.

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TYAN’s Transport HX FT65T-B8030 is a cost-effective single-socket convertible tower server platform specifically designed for deskside HPC use scenarios. This system supports a single AMD EPYC 7003 Series processor, eight DDR4-3200 DIMM slots, eight 3.5-inch SATA, and two NVMe U.2 hot-swap, tool-less drive bays. The FT65T-B8030 also supports four double-width PCIe 4.0 x16 slots for GPUs to accelerate HPC workloads.  

Transport CX GC68A-B8036: 1U 12-bay All-Flash Storage Server for CSP High IOPS Applications 

An image of a TYAN Transport CX GC68A-B8036 server.

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The Transport CX GC68A-B8036 is a cost-optimized single-socket cache server platform. It features 16 DDR4 DIMMs, a pair of PCIe Gen.4 x16 expansion slots and an OCP 2.0 LAN mezzanine slot in a 1U chassis. The GC68A-B8036 accommodates twelve 2.5-inch hot-swap, tool-less drive bays with support for up to twelve NVMe U.2 devices for applications with high storage performance requirements. This unit’s ‘short rack with less power design’ allows data center floor space to fit more servers into tight floor spaces. 

Transport CX GC79A-B8252: 1U 12-bay All-Flash Server for IO-Heavy Computing Applications 

An image of a TYAN Transport CX GC79A-B8252 server.

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TYAN’s Transport CX GC79A-B8252 server is meant for organizations carrying out IO-heavy computing. It  works well for applications requiring high storage input/output operations per second (IOPS) or large core count and memory footprints, thanks to this server’s 12 2.5" NVMe bays, 32 DDR4 DIMM slots, two standard PCIe Gen.4 x16 expansion slots, and an OCP 3.0 LAN mezzanine slot. 

To learn more about TYAN’s 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processor server platforms, view this video.

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