VIDEO: Sexy, Slim Adamo XPS Early Hands-on

By the looks of it, the Dell Adamo XPS will be the world's thinnest laptop whenever it makes its official debut (signs are pointing to sometime in November).

Of course, an early model made it out for a brief appearance to coincide with all the Windows 7 excitement. Yes, that touch-sensitive latch is there, but sadly it requires a power source to operate. If you’re out of battery and away from an outlet, you're not going to be opening it. Check out this hands-on video below:

New Dell XPS Adamo (Hands On Video) - Fall 2009

Specs are unconfirmed, but happily the rumors are suggesting that it does not use the Intel Atom, but rather a ULV variant at 1.9 GHz with integrated X4500MHD graphics and 4GB of DDR3 RAM.

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  • XD_dued
    Music is...interesting lol. I can't imagine specs being that good or price...i would never buy a computer for aesthetic purposes and high prices, hence why i disapprove of macs.
  • kingssman
    And everybody marks me down when i say that "Apple sets the trend and PC picks up the trend and makes it cheaper and more updated"
  • cybrcatter
    The whole video made me think of Will Ferrell playing that 'tres chic' character with the super mini cell phone on SNL.