QOTD: Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Your PC?

Earlier we posted two videos from Lenovo's official YouTube channel that showed people doing horrific things to a ThinkPad T400s. Running over your computer with a DOW truck or leaving them out to feel the full effects of a tornado isn't really something you can do by accident but it got us thinking about all the horrible things that have happened to our computers.

Jane: I used to work in a computer repair place so we got a ton of b0rked laptops. In one week we got water damage (which we fixed), a "sticky substance" which the customer insisted was beer but definitely wasn't (fixed) and "a roof fell on it," which we also fixed. On the Friday afternoon we got a lady on the phone who kept saying "something spilled on it" but she wouldn't say what. Considering the week we'd had, I said, "Trust me, we've heard it all. Just tell us what happened and we'll arrange a collection." Her answer? "My cat peed on it." I lied and said we couldn't take apart something like that because it might be a biohazard but really, I just didn't want to clean cat pee off of someone's mobo, which might not even work anyway. Yuck.

Marcus: Wow, it's been a while since I've seen anyone make use of the word "b0rked." Anyway, aside from the horrific hard drive crashes or power supplies gone bad, nothing terrible has happened to any of my desktop or laptops. I've never set myself on fire while shooting for an ambitious overclock (though the night is still young). So in this case, I'll defer to one of the most unique and interesting cases of notebook damage that I've ever heard of. As you can tell from Jane's story above, people get the weirdest things spilled on their laptops... and so, here's a reason why not to let your girlfriend come near your computer.

Tuan: Well, the worst thing that ever happened, happened to a PC I was using that wasn't really mine. [laughter] It wasn't loaned to me because I was writing a review at the time. I was reviewing a CPU at the time, and literally fried it. The CPU actually went up in smokes. As far as something happened to my PC? The worst thing is probably accidentally shorting out my power supply and then causing an electrical fire. I was plugging in a 3.5-inch drive power cable. Somehow, there was a short. The cable sparked and lit up in flames, also causing a burn to my hand at the same time--and damage to the system.

The question of the day is: What's the worst thing that ever happened to your PC?

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  • CrispySilicon
    Whoops, scratch the above.

    Back when the Tualatin core s370 P3 was released. I blew a huge chunk of change on a pair of 1.4ghz engineering samples (were NOT easy to obtain) coupled to an iwill dual socket board, 2gb of ddr2700, and a new radeon aiw, and a scsi raid array.

    Cooled by custom made copper water blocks, an eheim pump and a radiator out of a civic, complete with 20" cooling fans. I had scrimped and saved for a new system for 2 years, took every penny. Clocked to 1.8 it simply screamed, far faster then any p4 system at the time, my pride and joy.

    Came back home one day about a month after I put it together to find a burnt mess. One of the hoses attached to the coolant reservoir ruptured, and hosed down the power supply, burnt the system to the ground.

    I've carried the moniker CrispySilicon ever since. RIP tualatins, they were amazing compared to anything else at the time.
  • NuclearShadow
    I once had a power supply blow up on me while playing F.E.A.R. for the first time. It made a loud bang sound and sparks violently shot out of the back of it. I jumped out of my chair and was scared like hell. I was worried that it may be on fire and if it damaged any other hardware. Thankfully the Power supply contained the blast and there wasn't a fire and amazingly all my other hardware still worked.

    I never played F.E.A.R. again...
  • Anonymous
    I used to work for the silly black and orange people. One day we had a customer try to return an BFG 6800 GT OC (at the time the fastest card the big blue and yellow store sold)... he had an AGP motherboard, but it was PCI-e... well since it didn't fit his AGP slot, he had taken tin snips, cut off a bit of the wafer with the PCI-e pins, and jammed it in his AGP slot... after we showed the card to everyone behind the counter, and got our good laughs, we told him there was no way he could return it and he was out his $400 bucks, he couldn't understand how tin snips violated our return policy and made a scene...
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  • Purrorritt
    The worst thing that every happened to one of my machines was a fried motherboard. You could hear the sizzle and popping sounds and everything. I even let the magic smoke out of one of the larger chips.
  • unlicensedhitman
    A power outage during last summer, and it lasted for two weeks. I couldn't play on my pc =(.
  • B-Unit
    My best was with an old Athlon XP. I was convinced it was running too hot, and the cause HAD to be the way I installed the heatsink. On about the 4th remounting, I chiped one of the edges off the exposed die. Spent the next 6 months using an old PII 233...