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Test Configuration, Methodology and Results

Four 80 PLUS Gold Power Supplies Under 450 W, Reviewed


AC Source
Chroma Programmable AC Source 6530
Power Meter
Yokogawa WT210 Digital Power Meter
4x 600 W Chroma 63306 for 12 V Testing
4x 300 W Chroma 63306 for 5 and 3.3 V Testing
Using Chroma High Speed DC Load Mainframes 6334
Tektronix DPO3034 Digital Phosphere Oscilliscope (300 MHz)


Voltages110 and 230 V
Standby Power0.25 A Fixed Current to Simulate PC Standby Power on 5 Vsb
80 PLUS Efficiency Testing100/50/20% Load, Relative to Specified Total Output
Load Distribution Across 12/5/3.3V Rails at the Same Proportion as Specified for 100%
Testing at 110 V According to ATX 2.3 Specification
Efficiency at Fixed Loads25, 50, 85, 300, 500 W Loads
Load Distribution across 12/5/3.3 V Rails at the Same Proportion as Specified for 100%
Peak Load Test110% Overload Testing at Maximum Combined 12 V
Temperature TestAir Intake vs. Outtake Temperature Difference
Tracking Highest Difference During All Tests


More measurement results for the PSUs in this round-up, as well as other PSUs, can be found in our Power Supply Charts.

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