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The technology you find in cars increasingly seems to come from the PC space. What better way to keep up with the latest in Automotive tech than letting the hardware experts at Tom’s Hardware walk you through features you’ll find on the road today and tomorrow?


Hyundai is updating its luxury sedan with a new platform and design for 2015. We flew out to Arizona for a first drive of the 2015 Genesis.


Would you be willing to spend close to seventy grand on a high-end Hyundai? Loaded down with a 429-hp V8 engine, heads-up display, numerous driver aids, and a back seat full of amenities, the automaker wants to...

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news - MARCH 14 8

Looks like Toyota users can expect a CarPlay option in 2015.

news - MARCH 3 33

Vroom, vroom, Siri.

picture story - FEBRUARY 14 33

Rather than flying into Vegas for CES last month, we drove. In Bentley's Continental GT V8. After a week of sprints on the highway and cruising The Strip, we figured out what makes this decadent land yacht...

reviews - JANUARY 24 56

One week with Audi's flagship A8L just isn't enough. This car is loaded with smart technology, driver aids, awesome lights, and a beefy motor. We go through as many of its subsystems as possible in an effort to...

news - JANUARY 24 19

Now you can take a trip around Top Gear's famous track without setting foot outside the house.

picture story - JANUARY 17 13

The Tom's Hardware team borrowed a Bentley Continental GT V8 and made our way to Las Vegas for CES 2014. One of our missions: check out the latest in automotive technology and preview some of the innovations...

picture story - JANUARY 11 20

Tom's Hardware's editorial team combed through CES 2014 in Las Vegas and came up with 12 different products that caught our eyes in different ways. Read on for more depth on why we assembled the following list...

news - NOVEMBER 8 32

Wall Street's favored child of the year has finally hit some rough terrain. Third-quarter earnings were meek, causing stocks to tumble 20.9 percent on Tuesday in after hours trading.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 12

Volvo demonstrates easy handling of its Dynamic Steering system.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 10 52

The iconic American brand blends luxury, technology and off-road capabilities into a single 5-passenger SUV. We spend a week putting it through its paces on and off road.

picture story - AUGUST 16 30

Jaguar invited us to its North American F-Type launch event. Naturally, we accepted and spent a day cruising around in the company's first sports car in almost 40 years. The F-Type integrates technology where...

news - AUGUST 10 18

BMW will be using Gorilla Glass in its upcoming i8 hybrid sports car.

news - AUGUST 2 18

You'll have to take Glass off before you get on the road.

news - JULY 30 3

Another data plan, please!

news - JULY 17 2

Cars use sensor system to ensure safe distances from other cars and objects on the road.

reviews - JULY 10 21

Parrot combines Android 2.3 with a double-DIN head unit to create an advanced infotainment system for automotive enthusiasts. We hook it up in two difference vehicles, side-load apps, root it, and let you know...

reviews - JUNE 14 38

Tom's Hardware spent two days at DirtFish Rally School testing 23 different SUVs and crossovers with 30 other automotive journalists. At the end of the event, we helped crown one contender the Northwest Outdoor...

news - MAY 18 3

Not quite a Google car... yet.

reviews - MAY 1 88

Nissan let us borrow its 2013 GT-R Black Edition press car for our trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We were blown away by its performance, even if the car doesn't include much of the...