A better classroom is a click away with the simple, effective Aruba Instant On Wi-Fi

 Aruba Instant On networking hardware in the classroom
(Image credit: Aruba)


Classrooms in education and training centers increasingly rely on technology to provide students with exceptional learning experiences. Rudimentary networking equipment is not only going to struggle to keep up but also might pose security risks. Aruba Instant On equipment is not only able to extend to cover the substantial networking demands of an educational setting, but also provides reliable security features to keep the network and sensitive data protected.

Students at all levels need reliable access to the internet, and Aruba Instant On hardware can help give it to them. In educational settings, the Instant On AP15, AP17, and AP22 access points provide critical wireless Wi-Fi coverage for laptops, iPads, and other smart devices that move with students. Meanwhile, an Instant On 1960 Series network switch can provide the wired backbone to the network for computer lab PCs and security infrastructure, allowing simple management and robust line-of-defense options all in one spot.

Indoors, the AP15 and AP22 access points combine to blanket classrooms and study lounges with a reliable and fast Wi-Fi signal. Whether students simply need to access class readings and homework assignments or need to get online for video collaboration, these access points provide the necessary bandwidth. And even in large classrooms, devices like the AP22 can support many connected devices at once. 

Aruba Instant On networking hardware in the classroom

(Image credit: Aruba )

When students want to enjoy the fresh air they don’t have to struggle with a Wi-Fi connection that’s less reliable than inside the school building. Instant On AP17 outdoor access points  extend the network seamlessly to outdoor spaces.. The AP17 comes built into a weatherproof enclosure, so it’s good to go, rain or shine. With Smart Mesh networking, all of the access points can appear as a single network for students, so they don’t struggle with connections as they move from class to class.

From the initial setup to future expansion, it’s simple to build out a robust network with Aruba’s hardware. Each access point can link up to the network with a single cable, sending data and receiving electricity through a Power over Ethernet connection. This links back to the Aruba Instant On 1960 switches capable of supporting anywhere from 24 to 48 separate access points. They are stackable, letting you combine up to four switches for a truly expansive network. 

Keeping the network up and running is easy with the Aruba Instant On app or web portal. These provide remote network management tools to quickly troubleshoot issues or identify devices that are taking up too much bandwidth. Management is made simple, so an extensive IT department isn’t required to keep the systems up and running. And security is at the forefront, with many built-in tools to make for a safer network. 

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