Apple Claims Google Warned Samsung About Copying iPad

Apple and Samsung's courtroom ping pong continues today with claims from Apple that even Google warned Samsung about the Galaxy Tab being too similar to the iPad.

All Things Digital today cites an unredacted version of Apple's trial brief that claims Samsung knew its own line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets were quite similar, aesthetically, to Apple's iPhone and iPad. In fact, the brief claims that not only did Samsung deliberately copy Apple's designs but it was actually warned about its products being too similar to Apple's on multiple occasions. One of these warnings apparently came from Android creator Google.

The briefing says Samsung was warned by Google, product designers at its own company, and famous designers, about copying Apple's designs. These people are all said to have raised concerns about the Galaxy S or Galaxy Tab looking too similar to Apple's iPhone and iPad. Google's remarks came in early 2010. The search giant is quoted as saying the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1 were "too similar" to the iPad and demanded "distinguishable design vis-à-vis the iPad for the [Galaxy Tab 10.1]."

Samsung and Apple are currently duking it out in courthouses around the world. Apple believes Samsung copied the iPad in its design for the Galaxy Tab line, as well as taking some elements from the iPhone for the design of the Galaxy smartphones, while Samsung is counter-suing for patent infringement relating to wireless technologies. The lawsuits have resulted in temporary import bans on certain Galaxy products in some countries but Samsung hasn't lost every time. The company's most recent win came at the hands of a UK judge that ruled in Samsung's favor earlier this month. The judge even ordered Apple to publish a public apology on its website to clear Samsung's name and counter any damage the lawsuit may have done to South Korean's company's reputation.

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  • frank_drebin
    No doubt about it
  • victorious 3930k
    Unfortunately, the fact that crapple needs to put a notice on its website is on stay until Samsung can appeal in October. :thumbsdown:
  • hotroderx
    This is so dumb it makes me sick to tell yea the truth. This goes to show you how inferior a product apple produces. Also tells me they have zero confidence in there products anymore.

    I guess there new strategy is to sue any competitor for every little thing possible until they give up and withdraw from the market.

    Whats next is Apple going to start suing company's who make there products have a white or black shell. Since Apple products come in White and Black.

    This to me would be like Intel Suing AMD because there processors are both Square use Sockets to connect to the motherboard.
  • That's ok, because when this is all done, Samsung will not only have to apologize to everyone for stealing, but also have to pay Apple. Samsung should be required to apologize to me personally, as well as all other AAPL shareholders, for the shenanigans.

    Good guys always win in the end! Go AAPL good guys!
  • the3dsgeek
    didn't realize apple is on graveyard shift, digging graves and shit
  • DSpider
    I heard that even the packaging was duplicated (while and yellow). Come on, Sammy!
  • zzz_b
    I do not understand how can Apple say that Samsung copied the iPad, because one has a 4:3 ratio while the other one has 16:10. Nobody sees the difference???
  • whiteodian
    They look different enough to me. I wonder if the sphere or the color white has been copyrighted. I better get on that. I will make millions in lawsuits.
  • nukemaster
    zzz_bI do not understand how can Apple say that Samsung copied the iPad, because one has a 4:3 ratio while the other one has 16:10. Nobody sees the difference???Not if you doctor the images you bring to court.

    It seems like they do not bring the devices or something. Anyone should me more then able to tell them apart. It is kind of sad to be honest.
  • phatboe
    If the claims that Samsung stole design concepts from Apple are true then why are they suing HTC and Motorola? OK I can sort of give Apple credit, the old Samsung TouchWiz 3 UI looks similar to Apple's iOS especially the icons. But suing them because the tablet is rectangular? Swipe to unlock? The rest of Apple's argument's need to be thrown out.