Samsung May Launch Tizen Smartphone in 2013

Samsung is reportedly preparing to sell the first smartphone running on the Tizen operating system sometime during 2013.

The handset manufacturer will offer the phone through Japanese carrier partners including NTT Docomo, who hope to build a platform that will rival leading operating systems from Apple and Google in the form of iOS and Android, respectively. Other carriers interested in Tizen are said to be U.K.'s Vodaphone and France Telecom, according to Japan's Daily Yomiuri.

Back in May, Samsung revealed the first images of its Tizen smartphone prototype, as well as some technical specifications. The device will be powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core ARM processor, accompanied by a 4.3-inch HD display.

Tizen is a Linux-based operating system that came into fruition when Nokia's MeeGo was discontinued. Intel, which originally worked with the Finnish mobile manufacturer on MeeGo, and Samsung took over the development of the operating system, with the Linux Foundation also involved.

It's said to be more open than Google's Android platform, with Samsung possibly preparing to integrate Tizen for other devices, including televisions and tablets.

NTT Docomo remains the only major Japanese carrier to not offer the iPhone. Daily Yomiuri said that the carrier hopes that Tizen will contribute towards attracting lost subscribers.


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  • halcyon
    Interesting. I know there's a market for low-to-mid range products out there. This may appeal to someone...somewhere that can't afford an Android device with its established quality and ecosystem.
  • ikyung
    Well, the only other companies left in the world that can have even a small chance of succeeding with a new mobile OS is Intel and Samsung so it'll be fun to watch how it evolves.
  • mman74
    @halcyon. Erm, why would an Android device cost more than a Tizen device? There are plenty of low-to-mid-range Android devices out there - plenty!
    If anything Android devices might be cheaper as the manufacturer can expect to shift more than an untested OS. If two phones came out with the same spec one on Tizen and one with Android at about the same price, I'm going with the Android. That's not to say when Tizen get's established and starts gaining a decent reputation - I won't consider it, but not until then.