How to Opt Out of Apple's Targeted iAds

Earlier today we reported that Apple's new privacy policy states that it can collect your location data (albeit anonymously) through the GPS and cell towers.

While this is surely going to raise large privacy outrage, the same sort of thing is going for Android users too. It seems that in order to use one of today's best smartphones, you're just going to have to give a little to big brother.

There is still a little bit of control left, however, as Apple is allowing users of iOS 4 devices to opt-out of targeted iAds.

According to iLounge, Apple notes:

"If you do not want to receive ads with this level of relevance on your mobile device, you can opt out by accessing the following link on your device: If you opt out, you will continue to receive the same number of mobile ads, but they may be less relevant because they will not be based on your interests. You may still see ads related to the contrent on a web page or in an application or based on other non-personal information. This opt-out applies only to Apple advertising services and does not affect interest-based advertising from other advertising networks."

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  • babachoo
    In before they have an app that removes all ads completely.
  • TunaSoda
    I opted out of Apple...
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  • Spanky Deluxe
    To be honest, if I have to see adverts, I'd rather they be targeted adverts pertaining to my interests.
  • vectorm12
    Still no word on how the adds will be transfered to your cell or at what amount. I predict you'll have to reserv a few hundred MBs per month for ads alone at some point in the near future.
  • babachoo
    In before they have an app that removes all ads completely.