Love PCs? Love Helping? Donate Just One Dollar

Anyone who's able to read this article should consider themselves very fortunate. Having access to the Internet, and even having a computer, is a pipe dream to many people around the world. But there are things many of us take for granted every day, and net access is just at the cusp of more dire needs.

Give a little! Help a lot!Give a little! Help a lot!A new site called aims to change all this with an incredibly fresh, and smart way to drive awareness and encourage people to do a little good. Based on the fact that too many in the non-profit realm take huge chunks of people's donations before the money actually gets to the needy, the founders of Philanthroper decided the best way to handle this is to limit themselves to $1 donations. Partnering with mPayy, the only thing taken from a $1 donation is just a single penny to cover unavoidable transaction fees.

The rest of the money? Straight into the hands of non-profits that have a reputable track record for doing good. Check out this snippet from Philanthroper's FAQ:

Why Can I Only Donate $1?
So you can donate another $1 tomorrow. And another the next day. Use Philanthroper daily, and we guarantee, you'll donate more over time than you would have otherwise plus it won't sting your bank account so badly. Use Philanthroper every day and you'll be on the right track to give more, more easily. If you're compelled to make a larger donation, fantastic. We always link their site. So go for it.

Why Do You Have Ads?
Every business-minded person advises us to do the same thing: Take a tiny piece of every donation our community makes. No one will ever notice! After all, nonprofits are already paying 3-30% to receive donations online. If we just added a percentage point to mPayy's transaction fee...

Well, the thing is, WE noticed. So that left the simple, probably less profitable but far more honest solution. Ads. And if you'd like to advertise with us, or maybe do something insanely cool like match donations for a day, contact us.

As of right now, the featured non-profit on Philanthroper is Computer Aid International, but Philanthroper updates with a new deal every day. So check back daily to see what your $1 can go towards -- which is the root idea of what makes this work so great.

If you're thinking of making a right now, good for you! But just keep in mind that Philanthroper does not payments or payments by PayPal. Known to take huge chunks of your transaction, PayPal and most are bad for this kind of cause -- especially when you're only giving $1, you want every bit of it to count!

Sign up now, make a tiny contribution, and truly make lives better.

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  • kcorp2003
    meh i'll keep my dollar. I pay enough tax. some days i go without dinner so i can pay rent up here in NYC. let some other rick black guy donate.
  • kcorp2003
  • burnley14
    Nice to see things like this happening, I know that I certainly take for granted the fact that I can pop open my laptop and instantly access anything I'd like.

    On another note, I'm sure that the collective sympathy of the general public can do wonders in raising money, but this also seems like the type of thing Intel, Microsoft, and the like should be donating to. In a much less empathetic light, what better way to gain future buyers than to put the technology in their hands for the first time? In the end, everybody wins since these people gain the accommodations they're seeking, big companies gain good publicity, and the computer industry as a whole gains a lot more potential income to drive further progress.