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Business Computing


Business computing encompasses hardware from servers to business-oriented laptops, and software from cloud-based enterprise solutions to small office suites. Tom's Hardware has the reviews and news to keep your business relevant.


"French factory," they say, is almost an oxymoron. When was the last time you saw a news story about the success of a manufacturing plant in the land of Beaujolais and Brie? Our French team took a tour of...


AMD's Hawaii GPU makes its appearance in the workstation space as FirePro W9100. Does this $4000 card have what it takes to displace Nvidia's Quadro K6000, or is it a more conservative performer? We throw an...

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Business Computing experts answer your questions

news - JULY 10 5

There are no plans to spin off the Xbox division.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 9

Skype, besides being a versatile chat messenger, allows you to transfer files to your friends either individually or to the entire group in a...

news - APRIL 19 24

The music industry is a total mess.

news - MARCH 19 14

Walmart will soon begin taking your used games for credit.

news - DECEMBER 10 28

Looks like Dell is trying to free up some cash.

news - NOVEMBER 2 18

This is according to a Washington Post poll.

news - OCTOBER 26 6

Sources say HP is trying to sell its mobile patents, including webOS.

news - OCTOBER 24 11

Nintendo is no longer producing Wii consoles.

news - OCTOBER 23 6

His last day will be in February 2014.

news - OCTOBER 15 0

Apple's got another fashion guru on board and this one is going to lead retail.

news - OCTOBER 7 23

Microsoft's board of directors will likely re-elect Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer next month despite activist investors.

news - OCTOBER 2 40

Three investors want Gates out as chairman of the board, and are making waves.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 24

The two Shihs talk about a possible merger of Asus and Acer.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 15

There's talk that a special Microsoft committee is eying Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally and Computer Sciences Corp CEO Mike Lawrie.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 12

Mark Zuckerberg takes the stage at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 50

Blizzards really needs an in-game store to boost revenue.

news - AUGUST 29 11

Former Android VP Hugo Barra will serve as Vice President of China's Xiaomi Global in October.

news - AUGUST 27 28

Ballmer's retirement is sudden and sooner than originally planned.

news - AUGUST 18 14

In its fiscal quarter ending June 30, Lenovo's biggest money maker was its laptop business.

news - AUGUST 15 0

The North American branches of Buffalo have merged into one large tech-serving animal.