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iPhone - Page 4


The iPhone was one of the first smartphones and is still one of the most popular. There are hundreds of thousands of apps dedicated to the device in the App Store. For the latest news, application reviews, and more about this iconic device, check out this section of Tom's Hardware.

news - APRIL 16 13

Nice work if you can get it.

news - APRIL 15 10

Apple patents adaptive information display in call and advanced call hold features.

news - APRIL 14 7

It's networking reinvented.

news - APRIL 12 1

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on iPhone apps.

news - APRIL 11 13

Apple's Slide to Unlock feature's patent gets pulled in Germany and the Netherlands.

news - APRIL 9 16

Apple opens 12 new positions in their company, all related to the development of the iconic apple virtual assistant Siri.

news - APRIL 9 31

Apple makes changes to iOS 7 team and designer concepts start to surface.

news - APRIL 6 22

Apple CEO Tim Cook releases an apology to Chinese customers concerning their customer service and repairs, and mentions many forthcoming improvements.

news - APRIL 6 94

Some of the complaints against the company are simply bogus, EA claims.

news - APRIL 4 5

This little device plugs directly into an electrical outlet and extends your Wireless N network out 6,500 square feet.

news - APRIL 3 35

Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system is slowly gaining market share around the world.

news - APRIL 3 38

Apple may be using TSMC for its upcoming A7 chip for the iPhone 6.

news - APRIL 2 3

What better way to control your line of tablets and smartphones than by supplying your own SoCs?

news - APRIL 2 55

Speculation places the iPhone 5S launch date on June 20.

news - APRIL 1 7

This new D-Link router looks like a thermos. Need to brew up some hot Wireless AC for your network?

news - APRIL 1 3

Havok will be offering its 3D Game Development Engine for free in Spring 2013.

news - MARCH 31 4

Struggling NEC Corp. is looking to sell its mobile phone unit after two years of straight losses.

news - MARCH 29 0

Apple may be waiting for Ultra HD panels to reach mass production.

news - MARCH 28 12

Information at your fingertips.

news - MARCH 28 26

The group is investigating gadget use during flight and will reveal its results in July.

news - MARCH 26 25

T-Mobile finally reveals its no-contract plan while launching its 4G LTE service in a number of metropolitan areas.

news - MARCH 22 9

An incentive to try Chrome for mobile as well as the desktop browser.

news - MARCH 20 21

All patched.

news - MARCH 13 41

Paris court says Apple can't make workers stay late to clean the store.

news - MARCH 8 23

More lawmakers are stepping out and opposing that crazy ban on unlocking smartphones.

news - MARCH 8 11

Roku has refreshed its streaming player with a better SoC, a better interface and an enhanced remote.