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iPhone - Page 6


The iPhone was one of the first smartphones and is still one of the most popular. There are hundreds of thousands of apps dedicated to the device in the App Store. For the latest news, application reviews, and more about this iconic device, check out this section of Tom's Hardware.

news - FEBRUARY 13 98

Apple CEO criticizes color delivered from an OLED display.

news - FEBRUARY 13 70

No set formula for innovation, so says firm's head honcho Tim Cook.

news - FEBRUARY 13 13

Coming from alleged pre-production iPhone 5S model.

news - FEBRUARY 13 18

South Korean firm discusses Apple's strategy of entering a market and dominating it.

news - FEBRUARY 13 43

CEO Tim Cook says firm is focusing on "more affordable" products.

news - FEBRUARY 12 0

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news - FEBRUARY 12 10

Company is fifth largest retailer in the world.

news - FEBRUARY 12 12

1.4 billion smartphones expected to be activated.

news - FEBRUARY 12 14

Apple has released a patch that addresses 3G connectivity issues surrounding the iPhone 4S.

news - FEBRUARY 11 27

Cook didn't want to tamper relationship due to its competitors' parts required for iOS devices.

news - FEBRUARY 11 27

Gabe Newell speaketh, and he commands that the PC will take over the living room in three tiers.

news - FEBRUARY 10 40

iPhone maker generated profit of $13.1 billion during 2012's fourth quarter.

news - FEBRUARY 9 15

Hold the phone!

news - FEBRUARY 9 26

iPhone maker has a cash pile of $137 billion.

news - FEBRUARY 8 39

Steve Wozniak commends Samsung for its "great products".

news - FEBRUARY 8 32

Intended for Mac and iDevice users

news - FEBRUARY 8 30

Activision will milk the Call of Duty franchise a bit longer

news - FEBRUARY 8 7

Nextel platform lost more than 1 million subscribers.

news - FEBRUARY 7 36

Two firms accounted for 101 percent of Q4 profits and 103 percent for 2012.

news - FEBRUARY 7 34

Nokia and Sony tie for fourth place, while LG settles for third.

news - FEBRUARY 7 28

Gradiente filed for the naming rights to the iPhone in 2000.

news - FEBRUARY 7 36

Also wins design patent for the original iPhone.

news - FEBRUARY 6 29

Panel's electrodes will function as both touch sensors and solar power collectors.

news - FEBRUARY 4 25

The previous trademark application was denied as the design wasn't "inherently distinctive".

news - FEBRUARY 3 18

BlackBerry 10 should have a good foundation before the end of the year.

news - FEBRUARY 3 45

Believed to be the much rumored low-cost iPhone.