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Smartphones - Page 9


The latest Smartphones truly do deliver portable computing in the palm of your hand. With so many options to choose from, let Tom's Hardware help you find the perfect Smartphone and Apps to suit your needs.

news - FEBRUARY 13 10

Another miniature flagship, the first from LG.

news - FEBRUARY 13 11

Darn those teasing leaks.

news - FEBRUARY 13 20

Google Now supports relationships, allowing users to say commands like "Call Mom."

news - FEBRUARY 12 19

This phone will not appear until Summer 2015.

news - FEBRUARY 11 1

Leaving BlackBerry was his choice, the company says.

news - FEBRUARY 11 11

Chinese chipset maker MediaTek has announced a new SoC for smartphones and tablets that promises to take the company into new markets. The octo-core MT6595 features big.LITTLE ARM Cortex-A17, PowerVR Rogue...

news - FEBRUARY 10 3

Soon budget devices like Motorola's impressive Moto G can have the 4G LTE functionality of their pricier counterparts.

news - FEBRUARY 6 3

Archos confirms that a Windows Phone is a possibility.

news - FEBRUARY 6 7

Several wireless carriers have backed off from a Tizen launch.

news - FEBRUARY 5 9

Here's another company producing a satellite-based hotspot.

news - FEBRUARY 4 1

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Google phone in the most passionate of colors is here. It's also the color of KitKat... coincidence?

news - FEBRUARY 2 7

Here's a way to stay connected when traveling outside your wireless carrier's network.

news - JANUARY 31 8

Rumors of colored Nexus 5s continue to thrive.

news - JANUARY 30 7

2014 looks to be an important year for Intel's smartphone plans.

news - JANUARY 30 24

Lenovo looks to go up against Samsung for the lion's share of the Android smartphone market.

news - JANUARY 29 1

Nvidia has released a new version of its TegraZone app for Android.

news - JANUARY 29 13

BlackBerry's latest OS update unlocks the FM radio, and more.

news - JANUARY 28 12

Samsung is making patent deals left and right.

news - JANUARY 28 8

Google and Samsung are now sharing patents with each other.

news - JANUARY 27 26

No more Nexus after next year?

news - JANUARY 26 6

The latest version of GFXBench is arriving on Android first.

news - JANUARY 25 5

Qualcomm strengthens its position with patents from HP.

news - JANUARY 24 9

Is Google taking on Apple's iPhone 5C with some colorful phones of its own?

news - JANUARY 23 7

Sharp is launching a tablet and smartphone packed with its IGZO displays.

news - JANUARY 23 5

Sony is taking away the Xperia Z Ultra's radio and selling it as a tablet.

news - JANUARY 22 49

Apple's head of marketing, Phil Schiller, said Samsung's devices resembling the iPhone made it "much harder" to effectively distinguish the two lines of products.