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Windows 8 - Page 6


In an effort to bridge the divide between desktops, notebooks, and tablets, Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is very touch-oriented. Our software news, reviews, and guides help you get the most out of the company’s newest environment so that you never have to feel lost.

news - APRIL 15 54

Offering desktops and laptops that boot straight into desktop could help push Windows 8 sales.

news - APRIL 12 12

Here's another Windows 8 Ultrabook without touchscreen support.

news - APRIL 11 15

Is Microsoft planning a micro-Surface?

news - APRIL 11 12

We may see Microsoft introduce a two-step security feature this June, if not earlier.

reviews - APRIL 9 109

Windows 8 is unquestionably intended to create consistency between consoles, tablets, phones, and the PC. But the desktop world is still largely without touch input. Can Dell's XPS One 27 make the Windows 8...

news - APRIL 8 16

Dell is exploring numerous tablet sizes, but the first wave will likely be 10 inches and larger.

news - APRIL 6 25

Microsoft is supposedly building Smart Glasses too.

news - APRIL 4 76

Windows 8 should finally overtake Vista by the summer.

news - APRIL 3 29

The next Windows release will be v8.1 according to another leaked build.

news - MARCH 30 38

Windows RT isn't dead despite recent "Blue" reports.

news - MARCH 30 30

It's no surprise that Windows RT will be rolled into the "Blue" release schedule.

news - MARCH 30 20

Razer is saving you the trouble of downloading and installing Steam on the Razer Edge gaming tablet.

news - MARCH 28 51

Here's a good look at what's coming up for Windows 8 Pro.

news - MARCH 28 33

Mail, People and Calendar apps are getting an overhaul.

news - MARCH 27 22

Check out Tom's Guide's latest article on Windows 8 tips and tricks!

news - MARCH 27 51

Microsoft acknowledges Windows Blue and announces BUILD 2013 in one breath.

news - MARCH 27 14

Now that's a monster AIO PC... too bad its internals don't match its overall size.

news - MARCH 19 38

Windows 8 has always supported small screen sizes, but Microsoft may be focused on the app experience given the smaller virtual real estate.

news - MARCH 18 56

Surface sales are disappointing to say the least.

news - MARCH 14 5

It's an AIO Windows 8 PC with a detachable 18.4-ich screen that works as a standalone Tegra 3-powered Android tablet.

news - MARCH 13 93

An IDC analyst says that potential Windows 8 users are turned off by a lack of a Start menu.

news - MARCH 9 96

Samsung says the PC industry will be phased out with the help of disappointing Windows 8 sales.

news - MARCH 7 70

Looks like Microsoft is hurting enough to drop the price of its licensing fees for Windows 8 and Windows RT.

news - MARCH 6 21

Even growth in emerging markets in slowing down for desktops.

news - MARCH 5 20

We'll see if Apple can meet its 2013 deadline for the rumored iWatch.

news - MARCH 4 11

Microsoft's device received lowest score of 1 out of 10.