The top three myths about gaming laptops

A gaming laptop handling STEM tools, creative software and games
(Image credit: NVIDIA)

Until recently it was true that picking a laptop meant navigating a trade-off with performance on one side and cost, portability and battery life on the other. For this reason students often overlooked powerful gaming laptops.

But times have changed! GeForce laptops have new technologies for extending battery life and they can pack all that extra power into a sleek, lightweight and compact chassis. Not only that, prices are dropping all the time and today there are great deals that will get you a machine capable of running STEM apps and AAA games at a level that’s incomparable to what average laptops can achieve—with prices starting as low as $799.

Thin and powerful

A super-slim, high-performance device that slides effortlessly into a shoulder bag is always going to feel luxurious, and with GeForce RTX laptops that’s exactly what you get. Now there’s no need to compromise on performance to get a portable computer with impressive battery life; there are many designs under 20mm thick and 4lbs to boot.

All of this is possible thanks to NVIDIA Max-Q, an advanced suite of AI-powered technologies that optimize your laptop’s performance and power according to the task at hand. With Max-Q, components only receive power when they are needed, even down to the level of individual processing cores.

And incredible performance is there when you need it. GeForce RTX laptops are more than 8 times faster than typical laptops across a variety of demanding gaming, creator, and STEM applications.

Extended battery life

Two particular technologies within the Max-Q suite* are responsible for extending the battery life of GeForce laptops; NVIDIA Battery Boost and Advanced Optimus.

Battery Boost keeps an eye on your battery discharge level and intervenes if something is sapping too much energy. Things like frame rates and image quality are balanced against battery life, and intelligent compromises are made on the fly so that you get a good combination of performance and longevity. Like many of the most ingenious real-time laptop features, Battery Boost is another AI-powered technology and its results are really incredible—it can increase your time unplugged by up to 70 percent!

And it’s not the only thing working for battery longevity—Advanced Optimus is on the case as well. You don’t need a high-end graphics card when you’re doing online research or writing an essay, so Advanced Optimus automatically switches to integrated graphics for less complex visual tasks, then back to the GeForce GPU when you’re gaming or doing some 3D modeling. You get all the performance of your graphics card when you need it, and get massive savings on your battery power when you don’t.

Max-Q even lets you control how much noise your laptop makes. With WhisperMode you can pick the sound level and this technology will use its AI-powered algorithms to get the best performance from your system without raising the temperature enough to require a louder fan speed.

*Check with the laptop manufacturer about support for specific NVIDIA technologies.

So don’t let dated misconceptions stop you from getting a powerful gaming laptop for your studies. Here are some of the best ones at great prices:

Acer Predator Triton 300 with GeForce RTX 3050 Ti

An Acer Predator Triton laptop

The Predator Triton weighs under 4lbs (Image credit: Acer)

With a low-key design that doesn’t automatically mark it out as a gaming laptop, the Predator Triton 300 packs some serious power into an incredibly light and compact form factor. It’s a 14-inch, Full HD screen with a fast 144Hz refresh rate, you get up to 9 hours out of the battery and it weighs just 3.75lbs.

ASUS Tuf Dash 15.6” with GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU

An ASUS Tuf Dash laptop

A thin chassis and a great battery (Image credit: ASUS)

Also wonderfully thin and light, the ASUS Tuf Dash 15.6” has a sleek chassis that’s just 0.78 inches wide and weighs in at 4.41lbs. The screen has a Full HD resolution and 144Hz refresh rate for smooth video editing and gaming, and this laptop is known for having a long battery life.

MSI GF65 with GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU

An MSI GF65 laptop

A lightweight laptop with a classic red and black gaming design (Image credit: MSI)

The MSI GF65 has a classic black gaming laptop design with red accents, some clean lines and a brushed texture. With a GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU and an Intel 10th Generation Core i5 processor with 8GB of memory, it sits at 4.1lbs so it’s highly portable for a machine with a 15.6-inch screen. Like the others here, this is a powerful system at a great price.

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