Apple Hires 'Wearable Technologies' Expert

ComputerWorld reports that Richard DeVaul has a background in wearable technologies and a PhD in Media Arts & Sciences from MIT.  At MIT, he worked on new human-computer interaction techniques for wearable, mobile, and portable applications and his Ph.D. dissertation was on a product called "The Memory Glasses," a heads-up display focused on combating the problems associated with wearable memory support technology. DeVaul says that with the Memory Glasses he can improve performance on a memory recall task by a factor of about 63 percent without distracting the subject.

DeVaul's LinkedIn status shows that he joined Apple in January of this year, but it's unclear as to what he's actually doing there. According to CW, DeVaul will be working under Jonathon Ive in a secret lab focused on wearable computing technology. Rumor has it that besides Ive and Steve Jobs, only seven people know what he is doing.

Speculation suggests that he may be helping Apple with a couple of iPod headset designs that the Cupertino-based company has already patented.

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    iBriefs... with the option to plug in your iPad for monthly updates.
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    Umm, iBurka?
  • tipoo
    Umm, iBurka?
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    'without distracting the subject' is in the eyes of the beholder. I went to a lecture given by someone from the 'wearables' group at the MIT Media Lab. His bathing and grooming habits alone were enough to distract you, let alone his perverse pleasure at having total 'recall' of conversations from the far past and trying to lord it over people as a self-proclaimed superiority...