Burglar Mistakenly Records Crime by Using iPhone as Flashlight

23-year-old Emmanuel Jerome was handed a lengthy prison sentence when he and some of his friends burgled a house and were subsequently caught with the thief recording the whole event.

Jerome decided to not use the lights of the house he was targeting but instead utilized his iPhone's flashlight. Unfortunately for him, he appears to have mistakenly recorded the crime through video recording.

Police searched through his iPhone for evidence and found footage of the whole burglary. Consequently, Jerome, who is said to have protested his innocence, received a 44 weeks jail sentence.

"Significantly, in my view, camera footage of the invasion of that property was captured on your mobile phone," Judge John Potter told him.

Thefts of Apple products in New York City has increased more than the overall percentage of crime committed during the past year. According to the police department, the firm's iDevices were stolen in 11,447 incidents between January 1 and September 23.

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  • greghome
    Average iPhone user I guess :P
  • darthvidor
    Somehow burglar and iphone does not belong in once sentence if they refer to one person.
  • A Bad Day
    Kinda sour about not noticing that the camera mode was on...
  • vistaofdoom
    greghomeAverage iPhone user I guess
    Even apple has treated them like idiots...
  • socialfox
    Interesting, this man sets a new level for burglary!
  • A Bad Day
    socialfoxInteresting, this man sets a new level for burglary!
    Go read the The World's Dumbest Criminals. Here's an story:

    1. Two bank robbers come up with an ingenious plan, of actually doing their homework.

    2. After a few months of examining the bank, posing as employees and being spies, and acquiring critical information such as some of the security codes and delivery schedules.

    3. They decide to use a neighboring insurance office as a starting point for them to drill into the bank.

    4. They then did a couple of practice runs, before finally launching their tunneling operation.

    5. Then they hit the city's water main, and busted a hole into it. Apparently they forgot to call the water company before digging.
  • A Bad Day
    Here's another story:

    Man and son start beating up each other...

    In a police station;s lobby. Guess what happened to the police officer that tried to intervene?

    He got beaten up. Guess what happened to the quarreling family members when 15 police officers showed up, and at least one of them has a taser ready?
  • A Bad Day
    OR: http://www.oddee.com/item_96624.aspx

    "The Robber who decided to burglarize a house full of karate blackbelts"
  • webbwbb
    The last paragraph of that article seems out of place. All we knew of was a home burgulary, not the theft of Apple devices. Perhaps that was supposed to be part of a different article?
  • "23-year-old Emmanuel Jerome was handed a lengthy prison sentence"

    44 weeks is lengthy for the crime in question? If people would start shooting burglars, all of the young "thugs" and "gangstas" like the one's in my major city might start thinking twice about burglary as a career... At 23, this guy is way past the juvenile-delinquent stage where you could consider forgiving him...