Man Gets Drunk, Shoots Company Server With .45

The last few weeks has seen a huge amount of discussion regarding Steven Slater, the JetBlue air steward who quit his job in the most spectacular of fashions. Right before he cracked open the door and inflated the emergency slide, he let loose on the passengers with a tirade riddled with profanity. Aside from misusing safety equipment and stealing beer from the drinks trolley, Slater didn't really do much damage to JetBlue property.

The same cannot be said for 23-year-old Joshua Lee Campbell, who recently shot his company's computer server with a .45-caliber automatic. Campbell was reportedly out drinking with a colleague prior to the incident. He later returned to the mortgage company's offices with his .45-caliber gun and proceeded to bust a cap in the company's $100,000 computer server. Though it seems like a stupid move, Campbell already had his story straight for the cops. He told police that he had been assaulted, mugged and drugged.

Despite his claims that his weapon had been stolen during the attack, coworkers came forward and said Campbell had threatened to shoot the server earlier that evening. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Mr. Campbell has been charged with carrying a dangerous weapon while under the influence and providing false information to police, both Class B misdemeanors; and public intoxication, a Class C misdemeanor. No word on what the server did to deserve getting whacked in the middle of the night.

More on the Salt Lake Tribune.

*Image via Vice Lounge

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  • cbrownx88
  • rollerdisco
    I knew the movie "Terminator" was bull****, see 1 bullet takes down a machine.
  • JeanLuc
    If got drunk with a bottle of whisky in one hand a revolver in the other I take my vengeance out on the damn printer!
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  • cheepstuff
    A man from Salt Lake City is facing charges after he got wasted and shot the server at work with a .45-caliber automatic.

    um... semi-automatic?
    Civilians aren't normally given licenses to own automatic weapons in the states.
  • JasonAkkerman
    .45 ACP, because shooting twice is silly.
  • cbrownx88