Lenovo Recalling More All-in-One Desktops for Fire Hazard

The Lenovo All-In-One desktops are elegant, sleek… and apparently fire hazards.

Due to overheating issues, Lenovo is recalling another 15,000 AIO desktops. In addition to the 13,000 that the company recalled last month, the total for recalled AIOs comes to 188,000.

Lenovo’s expanded the recall range date to be from May 2010 to March 2012. The recalled ThinkCentres were equipped with a faulty power supply that’s causing the overheating issues. For some, the overheating issue’s been so severe that two Lenovo customers have reported that their AIO’s caught fire.

If you happen to own a ThinkCentre M70z or M90z that fall into that date range, now might be a good idea to alert Lenovo. You can determine whether or not your M70z or M90z is eligible for a power supply replacement via Lenovo’s recall page on their official website, which details the entire screening process.

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  • ddan49
    This adds a WHOLE new meaning to "blazing fast"...

    Eh? Ehh?
  • Anonymous
    One has to question how these "All in ones" were tested. I think their is way too much emphasis on quiet instead of cooling. But I also have to wonder why the other safety features don't work? Such as the temp sensor on the CPU. I think their must be more to it then what Lenovo is saying. Apple has done "All in ones" for a long time, so has HP and Dell. None of which have had significant over heating issues and all use Intel chips.
  • Anonymous
    After reading the Lenovo recall notice. it seems the problem is more related to over heated power supplies. I guess they designed a little too weak on the PSU.