Check Out the First Microsoft Surface Tablet TV Commercial

Microsoft just treated us to the first Windows 8 TV commercial. Today, despite the fact that the company is keeping tight-lipped on specs and pricing, the company released its first Microsoft Surface advert.

Scheduled to run on TV from tonight onwards, the commercial highlights the Surface's detachable keyboard cover as well as the kickstand on the back of the device. Specifically, Microsoft is focusing on the 'click' you'll hear when snapping the cover on or extending the kickstand. Then there's dancing (because what's a good commercial without dancing?) and an invite to 'Click in at'

Check the ad below and let us know what you think!

In case you missed it, here's yesterday's ad for Windows 8:

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  • wannabepro
    They are both equally depressing.
  • xkm1948
    Honestly, I am a little interested after watching the ads. Hope the actual product is on par.
  • chuckydb
    Horrible... just horrible...
  • edogawa
    First tablet I'm interested in due to the fact that it runs a full Windows OS, the price for the RT isn't that bad either. I could really use something like this for various tasks.
  • classzero
    Have it(MSDNAA Subscription), don't like it, nothing I can do about it, getting ready for all the calls to support it.

    EDIT: I don't have a tablet, just Windows 8. I am not interested in the ARM it is not backward compatible.
  • esrever
    I really did not enjoy that ad. Watching it just make you think the only selling point of the device is the keyboard dock and thats not even a unique design of the surface.
  • alchemy69
    What, no Seinfeld?
  • infernocy
    windows xp is still the best operating system ever .. the only flaw its not able to use more than 4gb and that is not even use by the vast majority of the users of windows 7 , why the hell will i want to use another operating system that still copies from windows xp ...
  • jtb04a
    Look, they click together! See, isn't that cool. They click. Did you see that? They really click together. We think you'll love the sound of it clicking together. You'll have a ton of fun doing it with all of your friends. Oh yea, and isn't this old couple cute? Did we mention the clicking noise? We think you'll really love it. The iPad doesn't do that.

    And one more thing, you can play fruit ninja with us now. Which is really cool. You'll be just like your friend who have iPhones. Okay, maybe they stopped playing that game 2 years ago, but you can bring it back. It will be retro, and super cool.
  • ratn9ne
    So many technical details included in these two ads.