Motorola Acquires Facial-Recognition Firm Viewdle

Google-owned Motorola Mobility has announced the acquisition of augmented reality and image recognition firm Viewdle.

Prior to the purchase, it was rumored that Viewdle had already been in buyout talks with Google back in 2008 and with Motorola last year. While terms of the buyout were not divulged, it's suggested that the search engine giant paid between $30 million to $45 million.

While maintaining a presence in Ukraine since 2006, Viewdle is now headquartered in Silicon Valley. It had initially raised upwards of $12.5 million in venture funding, as well as a further $10 million stemming from a Series B round two years ago.

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  • madooo12
    so a company can acquire a comany which can (after that) acquire a company, why didn't google just acquire it directly

    BTW what if the thief take a picture of the guy before he steals his phone, it's easy