Mozilla Team Puts Firefox Cubs on Live Camera

The foundation has adopted two red panda cubs at Knoxville Zoo and is live streaming the activities of the fuzzy tykes. Also regularly featured are their parents and aunt.

If you think that putting baby red pandas on webcam would be enough to raise awareness and create a marketing storm, you're probably right. Still, Mozilla isn't stopping there. There's also a contest for naming the two cubs, and the foundation promises that if enough people download Firefox 4, the babies will get a new jungle gym.

Cute overload or what?

Check it out for yourself. There are several cameras, so you might have to flick around for a while until you find them. Also, if you really want to see them at their most active, the Mozilla cub carer twitter feed says that they're most active and entertaining after feeding, which is usually around 9 a.m., 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. EST.

Source: Gawker

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  • dogman_1234
    I was hoping to see a red fox, but a red panda would do it as well.
  • reprotected
    Hint that Panda Security and Firefox are joining forces? It would be nice if Panda Cloud was integrated into Mozilla Firefox for more security.
  • Anonymous
    Those cubs are cute! :)

    Stumbled across the site yesturday and watched the cubs for awhile.

    Teaser Reel Featuring the two cubs.