Woz: iPhone is "Somewhat Behind" on Smartphone Features

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has admitted that the iPhone is "somewhat behind" in regards to smartphone features.

"I am proud that we have such loyal fans. But this loyalty is not given, the need to have the best products is always there," Wozniak said during Businessweek's Best Brand Awards. "Currently we are in my opinion somewhat behind with features in the smartphone business. Others have caught up. Samsung is a big competitor. But precisely because they are currently making great products."

Wozniak, however, somewhat contradicted his comments when he continued on to explain why he stands in line with Apple fans at every product launch. "If Apple would make lousy products, I would not be in line."

Wozniak has openly admitted that the company he co-founded with Steve Jobs needs to improve in some aspects. He previously expressed fear over Apple's creativity in the industry, as well as stressing that he wished the iPhone could carry out everything Android offers. He also wishes that the firm would have released the iPhone 5 in two sizes.

Samsung has been commended for continuously adding worthwhile features into its Galaxy lineup of smartphones, while Apple has been criticized for sticking with the same features (see: iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S). Since the former device's launch, the company has lost its place as the world's most valuable firm.


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  • spartanmk2
    "The great and powerful Woz.."

  • Memnarchon
    Woz: iPhone is "Somewhat Behind" on Smartphone Features.
    Wow! At last, someone has the guts to say it!
  • TheBigTroll
    iphone is fine. the problems lie in the software. example, its a total pain when i have to go into settings and adjust the birghtness when on android, its all in a widget