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Apple Co-Founder Wants the iPhone 5 to Come in Two Sizes

For years Apple's iPhones have featured the same 3.5-inch screen. The iPhone 5 represents a small step forward with its 4-inch screen but retains the same width as its predecessors. However, after looking at smartphones that feature considerably larger screens, Steve Wozniak wishes the iPhone came in at least two sizes

"Here's where it bothers me. I walk into my phone stores: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and I see all these modern smartphones. Big, big, big, big, and there's the iPhone," he said during the First National Bank’s leadership summit. "If you compare the screen size right there in front of you, whether it means much or not, it may be fewer pixels, less information on the screen, but you get a feeling you're getting more with a larger screen."

Samsung seems to be implementing the exact strategy Wozniak discusses above; the firm recently confirmed a Galaxy S3 Mini, which accompanies the Galaxy S3 that features a 4.8-inch screen.

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