Oops! Twitter Server Password is "Password"

We've been trying to avoid the whole Twitter-gate drama that's been unfolding over the last 72 hours because we know how much you don't want to hear about Twitter but this little detail is not related to the Twitter hacking, despite presenting significant security issues for the company.

For those of you who don't really care to know what happened this week, you can skip to the next paragraph. For those of you who kind of care, I'll try to be brief. The long and short of it is Twitter was hacked by someone calling him or herself the Hacker Croll. Hundreds of important documents were sent to tech blogger Michael Arrington who then asked readers whether he should or shouldn't publish the information. A debate on morals and Arrington's place as a journalist to report the facts ensued. TC has been posting frequent updates on the story since the whole thing began.

Today TechCrunch posted a pretty surprising story that claims the password to access the Twitter servers is actually "password." Alright, so there's probably a ton of you that have set up accounts for your kids or your grandparents (or someone equally new to technology) and password is an easy term to remember, for both of you. Should they happen to forget and have to call you, it's not something you'll forget. For a rapidly-growing social media company to use it as the password to access their servers, though? Probably not such a cool idea. Screenshots below (courtesy of TechCrunch).

Read the complete story here.

  • warezme
    and I thought it was Administrator, color me red.
  • JasonAkkerman
    Damn, now I have to change the code on my luggage.
  • kamel5547
    Idin't they ahve the same issue with an administrative user a while back that led to celebrity accounts being hacked?

    At this point I wouldn't trust their security at all... luckily I could care less about the self promotion that goes on there.
  • Hanin33
    wot are the most commonly used passwords: sex, money, love, god and password!
  • KyleSTL
    one CAPITAL
    one lowercase
    one num3er
    one $ymbol

    How hard is it twitter?

    Editted for spelling correctness.
  • lmao, so that whole Michael Jackson dying thing was made up by hackars. Amazing. I hate twitter, it will be gone in a few years, bunch o' hype.
  • and people blame The OS-es
  • tenor77
    That's the kind of password an idiot would have on his luggage!
  • apmyhr
    Please tell me this signals the beginning of the end for the Twitter hype. 4 months ago I didn'nt know what Twitter was. Now I can't even read a darn news story without it mentioning how Twitter was involved.
  • brendano257
    That's great. The administrator account at my school is "administrator".. brilliant eh?