Archos is Actually Working on Three Smartwatches

Last week we reported that Archos planned to showcase a "selection" of smartwatches this week during CES 2014. One of these would supposedly cost $85 and based on e-paper technology. However, now with CES 2014 in full swing, the company is actually showcasing three smartwatch models, with the cheapest supposedly ranging in price around $50.

According to AppleInsider, the $50 model features a black-and-white LCD display similar to what the Pebble watch provides. This low-tech screen will reportedly allow the wearable to have a 1.5-week-long battery life on a single charge. Engadget reports that this model features a rugged look and a 1.55-inch non-capacitive LCD screen.

The next model will cost $100 and sport a color capacitive touch screen measuring 1.8 inches. This model doesn't look quite as rugged and promises 36 to 48 hours of life on a single charge. Wearers will also be able to swap out the band.

Finally, there's the $130 "premium" model with an e-ink screen that also measures 1.8 inches diagonally. This model will ship with an aluminum-encased curved display and feature a battery life of 1.5 weeks on a single charge.

The watches will reportedly display the time, customizable notifications, media controls and so on. As for when they'll actually appear on the market, an Archos representative said that the watches won't arrive until the summer. The $50 model will roll out first (aka testing the waters) before the more expensive models appear several months later.

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