Liquid-cooled Comino Grando RM workstations offer next-generation GPU performance

Comino Grando RM server
(Image credit: Comino)

Comino Grando RM workstations are a new breed of Hyper Performance workstation (HYPE WS) that can transform the workflows of game designers, AI scientists, security forensic teams and medical researchers who rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

If your work is heavily dependent on multiple GPUs, Comino Grando RM workstations offer industry-leading performance, while their server-grade liquid cooling, which keeps the temperature of the components down, means that they are incredibly quiet as well. Rather than using noisy fans, which can get distracting, the systems use water cooling that is more efficient and a lot quieter.

Because the workstations are so silent when in use, you can use them in an office or studio, or you can install them in a server rack. When installed in a server rack, they can use external cooling for even more impressive performance, supporting up to seven GPUs per system. This method can also be environmentally friendly, as the heat dispelled by Comino Grando RM systems can be repurposed to heat living and office spaces.

Comino Grando RM server

(Image credit: Comino)

As these workstations can be fitted with extremely powerful components, such as four Nvidia RTX A100 80Gb GPUs and high-end professional CPUs like the AMD Threadripper Pro or Dual Intel Xeon 8368Q, air cooling solutions would struggle without producing a lot of noise.

With server-grade liquid cooling, AI research teams, for example, can use the workstations without being distracted by the whirring of fans. Meanwhile, medical teams working in highly controlled environments will appreciate the slower airflow produced by liquid cooling, as well as reduced dust collection.

Comino Grando RM workstations are built in the EU, maintaining the highest possible build quality, and can be configured to perfectly suit the needs of your project.

Engineered, not assembled

Comino’s motto is “engineered, not assembled”, and each workstation has been designed from the ground-up to provide maximum performance and build quality.

Comino designs and engineers  90% of the components used by the workstations, and this level of detail and control allows each part of the system to work as one, delivering unrivalled performance and reliability.

The unique liquid cooling loop in every workstation is controlled and monitored by a controller built by Comino, which uses numerous sensors to keep track of the system’s health and performance, and thanks to Comino Monitoring Software, you can also check your system’s health remotely, no matter where you are.

Comino Grando RM server

(Image credit: Comino)

 Powering projects across the world 

Comino Grando RM workstation can cover almost all of your inhouse computation tasks, and you’ll rarely need to rely on cloud services to help finish your projects.

If you have several Comino Grando RM workstations, they can be used to create your very own cloud, allowing you to access the power of these Hyper Performance workstations remotely - perfectly fitting in with our new hybrid way of working.


It’s no wonder that Comino Grando RM workstations have been embraced by companies around the world, and used in projects such as the Flamemapper in California, which uses Comino Grando RM Multi-GPU workstations to help predict the effect of wildfires on structures, and can help emergency planners to place protective measure where they are needed the most.

Digital Intelligence, a company from Wisconsin, distributes the Grando RM systems in the  US for the security sector. Security companies and forensic teams also benefit not just from the raw power of Grando RM workstations and servers, but also from their almost-silent liquid cooling, which allows them to be used in offices.

Many CG and 3D rendering studios rely on Comino Grando RM Multi-GPU workstations to create complex and realistic models and scenes.

And be sure to check out this review by Linus Tech Tips on YouTube about the newest Grando RM machine by Comino:

If it sounds like Comino Grando RM workstations would be perfect for your projects, then head over to Comino’s Grando website to find out more, and check out Comino’s YouTube channel for in depth videos on the benefits of these workstations.