Late Show Top Ten: David Letterman Licks the iPad

All the iPad reviews came out yesterday and last night, David Letterman had one on his show. However, while most of the reviews of the iPad gave the device a four and five star rating, Letterman's iPad demo is a little different, especially the part where he licks the device to unlock it.

Check out the video below, which also contains the Late Show's "Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Waiting in Line for the iPad."

  • Trueno07
    "Oh what the hell??"

    *Smack* *Smack*... *smack* *smack*
  • xybercoke
    Love how it breaks through the demo AWESOME!
  • Marcus Yam
    (For those who can't watch the video from work):
    Questions to ask yourself before waiting in line for the iPad1. "can't Apple invent something that will wait in line for me?"
    2. "will there be hot tattooed women in the line?" 3. "is it a bad sign no one can explain what the hell it is"
    4. "what? Ricky martin is gay!?"
    5. "wasn't I saving this money for a hot tub time machine?"
    6. "should I wear my spock ears?"
    7. "is it kosher for passover?"
    8. "really, what the hell is it?"
    9. "will this make steve jobs notice me?"
    10. "what the hell is it?"
  • Camikazi
    Haha, good product, the thing messed up so easily, good going Apple.
  • cekasone
    i can't get over that jessica chobot picture
  • DokkRokken
    This device is so useless, even the Top 10 jokes about it suck.
  • mauller07
    lol wearing a lead apron :D teh radiashuns mus be ova 9000!!!! rofl

    but seriously isn't a good sign when it claps out during a demonstration like that.

    its just an overglorified electronic photo frame tbh unless it had an input for a real display input from a computer like the old microsoft mobile display concept a while ago its kind of rubbish.
  • sliem
    I like the pic of the left (girl licking PSP).
  • it didnt clap out, he accidentally depressed the sleep button on top of the unit while turning the iPad about.
  • zerapio
    I'm still pondering whether to watch the video or not :S