eero 6 vs. Google Wifi: Which router should you buy?

The eero Pro 6
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 Since there are so many mesh routers available on the market right now, it can be difficult to know which one to choose – especially since so many of them feature similar specs and performance capabilities. The eero 6 and the Google Wifi are two such routers that are some of the best options available, but of the two, which one should you pick? Here’s a breakdown of what each one has to offer, as well as a recommendation on which one is the better choice. 

 eero 6: The power of Wi-Fi 6 prevails 


The eero 6 is one of the top routers in the world right now, and the reasons why are all in the tech specs. With up to 1,500 square feet of coverage range, up to 900 Mbps of speed, dual-band networking, and a built-in Zigbee smart hub that allows you to manage all your smart devices and connect them with Amazon Alexa, the eero 6 is nothing short of a little beast.

The true value of the eero 6 is its Wi-Fi 6 networking and compatibility, allowing its users to experience the improved network speed, stability, and security that Wi-Fi 6 provides. You can take advantage of these benefits if you own Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices, but even if you don’t, the eero 6 is backwards compatible with devices that don’t work with the new standard. This means that you can safely get an eero 6 router now and then upgrade your devices later without having to worry about usage issues in the meantime. It’s only priced at $103, too, which is just a few dollars more expensive than comparable Wi-Fi 5 routers.  

 Google Wifi: Simply outclassed 


Ultimately, while the Google Wifi was excellent before Wi-Fi 6’s arrival, it is simply outclassed by the eero 6. This is because while the Google Wifi matches the eero 6 in terms of range and delivers strong Wi-Fi 5-level speeds, it can’t keep up with the speed, stability, and security benefits that newer Wi-Fi 6 networks provide. Its $100 price point only places it just under the eero 6, too, meaning that you don’t even save much money by going with this last-gen router.

The only circumstance in which Google Wifi is the better choice is if you’re not planning on getting a new phone or laptop that will be Wi-Fi 6 compatible any time in the next several years. Beyond this, though, you should get an eero 6. 

 Which should you buy? 

The eero 6

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 At the end of the day, there’s simply no reason to get a Google Wifi now that the eero 6 is on the market. The Google Wifi may have been a superb option before Wi-Fi 6 went public, but since then, its networking capabilities have been outclassed in every way by the eero 6. It’s true that the Google Wifi is a few dollars cheaper, but is that miniscule amount of saved money worth not future-proofing your Wi-Fi? It isn’t, especially since the eero 6 also comes with an awesome built-in Zigbee smart hub that’s extremely convenient for users of smart home devices. 

eero 6

eero 6

The eero 6 is easily one of the best routers available right now, as it boasts excellent speeds, Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, good range, and a value-focused price.