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eero Pro 6 vs. Plume SuperPod: Which mesh Wi-Fi system should you choose?

The eero Pro 6
(Image credit: eero)

 When it comes to Wi-Fi 6 routers, there are many awesome options available on the market. Two of the best ones are the eero Pro 6 and the Plume SuperPod, both of which offer unique advantages – as well as some drawbacks. Here’s a deep dive into the pros and cons of both of these routers, as well as a recommendation about which one you should buy. 

 eero Pro 6: Superior range and bonus features 


The eero Pro 6 is eero’s latest and greatest Wi-Fi 6 router, and when you look at the specs, it’s easy to see why. Featuring speeds of up to a gigabit, 2,000 square feet of range per unit, a tri-band network, and an extensive mobile app that allows you to manage connections, fix issues, and set parental controls, the eero Pro 6 is nothing short of superb. It even comes with a bonus Zigbee smart hub that allows you to connect all of your compatible smart devices with Amazon Alexa, giving you a huge amount of convenient control over your home appliances and fixtures. 

Compared to the Plume SuperPod, the advantage of the eero Pro 6 is that it has significantly better range. Additionally, the included Zigbee smart hub gives it an edge over the SuperPod as well. The downside to the eero Pro 6 is that the higher maximum speed is lower.

 Plume SuperPod: Better overall speed 


The Plume SuperPod marks Plume’s entry into the Wi-Fi 6 mesh router market, and it’s quite a good one. With speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps, tri-band networking, and a helpful HomePass app that allows you to control and manage your Wi-Fi, the Plume SuperPod is definitely one of the best routers that money can buy. 

Compared to the eero Pro 6, the Plume SuperPod has the edge when it comes to maximum speed. Each unit is also less costly at $159, although since you have to pay for a service membership fee, the price isn’t technically any better at all. The main drawback is that the Plume SuperPod is only capable of about two rooms’ worth of range, meaning you’ll likely need to get more of them to blanket your home with internet coverage than you would need with eero’s offering. It’s also worth noting the absence of a built-in smart hub, which will be disappointing if you have lots of smart devices.

 Which should you buy? 

The eero Pro 6

(Image credit: eero)

While both of these routers are top-notch, the eero Pro 6 is the clear winner in this matchup. It may have slower maximum speeds than the Plume SuperPo, but it also has a much larger range and features a very convenient built-in Zigbee smart hub that owners of smart devices will love to have. The range advantage is the biggest factor here, as it means you’ll need less eero Pro 6s to fully cover your home than Plume SuperPods. It’s also important to note that most users don’t actually experience the maximum speeds of a router very often due to network complications, so the speed advantage the SuperPod has isn’t often felt in real-world scenarios. 

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eero Pro 6

The eero Pro 6 is our favorite Wi-Fi 6 router due to its great speed, excellent range, and the built-in smart hub for smart devices.